YAP e Young Reserchers of Serbia cercano 2 partecipanti per il progetto "XCHANGE 2.0 PROJECT" che prenderanno parte ad un corso di formazione internazionale in Serbia e successivamente diventeranno coordinatori dei campi di volontariato internazionale in Serbia. Scadenza per presentare la domanda è il 15 Marzo 2019.

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Do you want to lead international voluntary project? Do you want to know how to manage an international group of volunteers to participate actively following the democratic process, how to support world peace, how to develop and help others develop valuable life skills, how to take concrete initiatives of public interest within local communities? WE NEED YOU!

The EXCHANGE 2.0 project includes:

1. Participating at one of the two trainings in Serbia: from 12 to 20 April or from 5 to 13 May 2019, prepared and run by certified trainers from the Pool of Trainers of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations;
2. Leading a workcamp in Serbia during the summer 2019;
3. Getting a certificate as a trained workcamp leader under the Alliance standards and being promoted within the network for future workcamp leading and, for those who want to go forward in their non-formal education, for the next Alliance long term training for trainers for workcamp leaders in 2020, which is the entry level for the Alliance Pool of Trainers!

The participants will have an opportunity to learn about and develop:

  •  communication and conflict management skills, facilitation and leadership skills, environmental awareness
  • ability to improve and reflect on their own learning process and their roles as youth leaders
  • attitudes towards volunteering and solidarity
  • intercultural competences
  • improved sense of initiative and entrepreneurship

Objectives of training:
1. provide young trainees with information and resources on how to design IVS projects as structured methodological and pedagogical tools: To make participants aware of the meaning behind NFE, its values and approaches; to point out different learning styles, processes and group dynamics and to exercise the stages of designing, facilitating and debriefing in a safe environment; theoretical inputs on volunteerism
2. To identify responsibilities, limits and role of a workcamp leader working in highly diverse cultural contexts, but with the same target group and aims,
3. To provide pax with a set of specific tools and techniques on how to make it more likely for the ICL to happen in an international volunteer project and how to make a deep and durable effect on local community.
4. to inspire the participants to practice inclusion during IVS projects,
5. to provide structured space to discuss issues about volunteering and related policies.

See more about workcamp leaders’ experiences at our web documentary

- The camp leaders will have their travel, food and accommodation covered for the international training of camp leaders following the standard Mobility of Youth Workers under Erasmus+ (food and accommodation 100%, travel based on the distance calculator). Travel reimbursement for the International Training in Serbia will be done upon the receipt of all the tickets, no later than 2 months after the training.
- For leading workcamps in Serbia, the international camp leaders will receive travel reimbursement based on the distance calculator, food and accommodation covered up to 100% as well as pocket money of 150 euros per workcamp, as soon as they send a report about their workcamp.


Please fill in the online application form:

by the 15th of March. 
IMPORTANT! In the appliacation form you need to indicate the workcamps you're interested to coordinate. Please find the list of workcamps in Serbia here:

We will confirm selected participants if they match the profile as soon as they apply (not waiting the end of deadline), and in coordination with your sending organisations.