Scambio giovanile (Youth Exchange) in Francia (18-30 anni)

YAP Italia cerca 4 partecipanti e 1 group leader per lo scambio giovanile in Francia

"Mountain Wonders from product transformation to social transformation"

che si svolgerà dal 21 Ottobre al 11 Novembre 2017 sulle Alpi Francesi

Ferme du Faï, 05400 Le Saix, France

Scadenza per presentare le candidature: 16 Ottobre 2017

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In the heart of the French mountains,les Hautes-Alpes, we have been managing, livening up and renovating the reception center of Le Faï.
It’s a former agriculture domain, located at an altitude of 1000 meters.
From april to december, we organize inclusion projects for local people who are faced with social and professional difficulties and host teenagers and young adults experiencing family, health or professional difficulties in order to give them a possibility to get professional experience.

The youth exchange is based on the exploitation of the natural resources of le Faï and its surroundings.
During 3 weeks we will learn the techniques of transformation:
we will harvest, transform, cook, make essential oil of lavender, visit workshops of food processing, discover transformation techniques with professionals.
We will also debate on topics such as seasonality, the concept of self-production and local food circuits, and how to integrate into the territory. At the end of the Youth Exchange, we will organize an event to present our productions and discuss with visitors the links between resource transformation, social transformation and «doing together»

Ferme du Faï, 05400 Le Saix, France
The old buildings of the Faï farm have been developed into group accommodation (with rooms, kitchen, showers etc.).
The international projects organized at le Faï contribute to make this place “extra”, where people of different ages, from different countries and cultures, employees and volunteers, artists and tourists, live and work together for some days or several months. The association « Les Villages des Jeunes » also presents an artistic dimension, thanks to artists and musicians that come to work in and with this extraordinary place.

Participants should be aged 18 to 30 and come from Estonia, Spain, Italia, Turkey or France
No specific skills are required, just be aware that the exchange will happen in English!
Transport is supported up to:
Turkey and Estonia / 360€
Spain and Italia / 275€

More information and details are available in the CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS
PER CANDIDARSI è necessario compilare il modulo d'iscrizione in inglese ed inviarlo via email a: LTV@YAP.IT entro le ore 12 del 16 Ottobre 2017.