Scambio giovanile in Francia (18-30 anni)

YAP Italia cerca 5 partecipanti + 1 group leader (18-30 anni) per uno scambio giovanile in Francia sul tema di nuove tecnlogie e comunicazione, social network e come loro influenzano la società e il modo di comunicare tra i giovani. Il progetto si svolgerà dal 17 al 26 Ottobre 2015 a Claveisolles, un villaggio situato a 60 km da Lione. Scadenza: 10/10/2015

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Youth exchange “Hasht@g or not ?“
Dates: 17 - 26 October 2015
Location: Claveisolles, a village located 60 km from Lyon in France
Partecipanti: 24 Participants from Turkey, Czech Republic, Italy, France
(5 participants + 1 group leader per national group)
Age of the participants: 18 to 30 years old
Language: English
- Communication
- Social networks and apps
- Participative work
- Cultural diversity

This youth exchange deals mainly with communication through technology and the impact that this has on our society. The exchange will be the opportunity to share different experiences related to this topic, both in the personal and professional life and inside their sending organisations. It will allow participants to talk about their realities, but also, with peer-learning process, to exchange point of view and advice between one another.
Through games, debates and group workshops, youngsters will have the opportunity to form an
opinion on this topic. They will also identify the main problematic and to imagine solutions in order to use resources like social networks and apps to communicate in a conscious way.
Throughout the project, the youngsters will be accompanied to create and test new ways of communicating. For example they will be asked to create a new language to communicate with each other. They will also use their creativity to imagine the perfect social network. In order to enhance their experience and to explore new ways of communicating they’ll have the opportunity to visit an organisation that deals with other ways of communicating.
The fact that this youth exchange will take place in a rural context will also create an interesting
contrast between the topic of communication and the isolated environment.
Participants will be hosted in a dormitory in Claveisolles (near Lyon). In the dormitory the bunk beds are separated by a partition. In each space will sleep two volunteers. Everybody will share the public bathroom and toilets.
Meals will be served in the dining room and prepared with biobased products by a team of cooks.
The participants will have two rooms at their disposal for their activities, as well as a football and basket field.
Keep in mind that the accomodation site is quite rural and isolated. Internet access will be possible only from the computer room of the local high school and library. The dormitory will also host other groups of people at the same time as the youth exchange.
100% lodging and food are covered, + part of travel (up to 170 EUR per participant)
Accommodation is in a local school.
The whole group will also benefit from insurance cover.
Per candidarsi:
è necessario essere soci di YAP Italia (versare la quota associativa annuale di 30 EURO).
Le quote versate nel caso in cui la propria candidatura non venga accettata e/o non ci siano progetti alternativi a cui si è interessati vengono integralmente rimborsate.
Compilare l'application form (in Inglese) e inviarla insieme alla lettera di motivazione (in Inglese) via email all'indirizzo LTV@YAP.IT, entro e non oltre MEZZOGGIORNO (ore 12) del 10/10/2015.
Per maggiori informazioni contattateci su LTV@YAP.IT oppure telefonicamente al numero 067210120